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4 Top Software Tools for Coding Interviews

4 Top Software Tools for Coding Interviews

Whiteboard interviews are a common method for assessing technical skills during the hiring process, especially for roles in software development and engineering. 

These interviews typically require candidates to solve problems on a whiteboard or share their thought process while solving technical challenges. 

To conduct effective whiteboard interviews, you can use various software tools that replicate the whiteboard experience digitally. 

Here are four software tools for whiteboard interviews:



CoderPad is a collaborative platform that lets you conduct coding interviews in an integrated code editor. 

It supports multiple programming languages and offers a real-time collaborative environment.

And it enables candidates to write, run, and debug code while explaining their thought process.


HackerRank offers a coding interview platform that allows you to create and share whiteboard-style coding challenges with candidates. 

It provides a collaborative coding environment where candidates can write and run code in real-time. 

The platform also includes video conferencing for communication.


LeetCode Interview is a platform designed for conducting technical interviews. 

It offers a whiteboard-style interface where you can present coding problems to candidates and evaluate their solutions in real-time. 

It supports collaborative coding and has built-in communication features.



CodeSignal is known for its technical assessment and interview platform. It provides a whiteboard-style interface for conducting coding interviews. 

You can create coding tasks, ask candidates to write code, and evaluate their solutions collaboratively. 

The platform includes a code execution environment and video conferencing.


These software tools can help streamline the whiteboard interview process, making it more efficient and accessible for remote candidates. 

When choosing a tool, consider factors such as the programming languages supported, collaborative features, video conferencing capabilities, and the ability to evaluate and provide feedback on candidates’ solutions. 

Additionally, ensure that the tool aligns with your organization’s interview process and technical requirements.

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